May 26th, 2012

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Still alive. Still busy. Hormonal beyond belief.

I finally sat down to finish The Hunger Games a few days ago, a promise I made to Alicia after seeing the movie. I wrapped it up at 1:15 am and promptly burst into tears. The second book was just as bad. I started Mockingjay this evening and just put it down after getting halfway through because I'm too emotionally fragile to finish it tonight.

I'm relatively unspoiled for the last half of the book. I know some people have issues with the series,'s hitting me hard. Part of it is hormones. Part of it is my weakness for devoted heroes who can't get the girl. Most of my emotional upheaval comes from Peeta, though I'm not ready to say I'm a Peeta girl, lol.

I'm late to the game. I know it. The rest of the world has moved on, but I'm mired. Obsessed. I can't stop thinking about all these emotions. Or feeling them.