March 7th, 2012

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Chocolate Mousse

So the other night, I took my first stab at making homemade mousse. I've never tried it before. Frankly, it always seemed like too much work for the end result. Honestly? I still think it's too much work for the end result, mostly because I found this recipe a little too rich for me.

However, Craig and the kids acted like they'd died and gone to heaven. I'm under orders not to lose this recipe (as basic as it might be). So with that in mind, I'm putting it here on LJ so that I've got it saved.

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I know I have a few folks on my flist who do yoga. Somebody recently said something to me along the lines that yoga can help manage arthritis pain in hips and knees. Am I being snowed, or is this true? I ask just because I'm always looking for anything I can do to help the arthritis in my hip without meds. I hate that I cringe at moving sometimes.