December 5th, 2011

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Inlaws arrive tomorrow night which means I'm in a flurry to try and get everything done in time for them. I'll be able to relax more after this week, because god bless my FIL but his compulsive cleaning/washing up means I get a six-week break from it. It used to be both of them but with the MIL's limited mobility these days, she's left to direct more. Which he totally doesn't love, lol.

In the midst of that, I have cookies to back for the recital on Saturday (6 kinds that need to be done before Friday morning since we leave for SF that afternoon for Craig's xmas party), as well as a Christmas short due by Thursday for a blog hop I signed up for that I totally forgot about until this morning. Alex's birthday is next week, so I'll do the cookies for his class early next week (3 kinds). I know it seems like a lot, but the Christmas cookies are still the one thing about the holidays that give me the most joy, so it's not a chore at all to do them. Though I'd prefer if it didn't happen all at once with other stuff, lol.

Alex turns 10. I can't believe it. What happened to my little cross-dressing boy? Or the creative little boy who found so many new uses for his penis? Or the one who found new ways to use other body parts, too? I've told him he's not allowed to be in double digits, lol. But...he's growing up. He breaks my heart and fills it up on a daily basis. And still manages to surprise me.