November 9th, 2011

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Long, long day

Ohmigod, such a busy day.

I had my callback for my mammogram this morning. The tech pointed out the spot they wanted to clear up. Even I could see it on the scan. But after showing the doctor the second scan, he decided he wanted an ultrasound, too. I wasn't worried, especially since it seemed to take the ultrasound tech forever to find the spot, but then he didn't come in to talk to me, and didn't come in, and didn't come in, and my imagination got the better of me. I was more than a little stressed when he walked in and said, "It's just a cyst. Come back in a year." Literally. And then walked out. Bedside manner is clearly not his forte, lol.

I did manage to make it back home for lunch and to watch last night's Sons of Anarchy. Collapse )

Then this afternoon was Alex's teacher conference, where we got the usual, "He's brilliant, but doesn't focus." Don't get me wrong, he's on honor roll, he got bumped up to the fifth grade class for math, he's great across the board. But his teacher gets the feeling that he just isn't trying very hard and occasionally, he decides he's bored and pulls out a book to read instead of paying attention in class. I feel for Alex, I really do. This all comes from me and Craig, though Craig was far more blatant about not trying. From third grade until high school, I never did the work the rest of my class was doing. I did independent studies because I was more advanced and bored by the regular schoolwork, which ended up backfiring because it isolated an already shy child even more. At least Alex isn't shy like I am. Mine is crippling half the time.

Then it was flu shots, Alicia's HPV shot, dinner, and piano lessons. I got back in time to do some word warring which means I've written a whopping 769 words today. But then I had to get off to do some cooking (meat for salads), cleaning, and house stuff. I came on to post and take a tiny break before I go get on the elliptical for my workout tonight. No shirking on it tonight. I snitched too many of the cheese fries the kids had as an appetizer at dinner tonight. :P