October 22nd, 2011

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I've been bad about posting anything but the meme this week, but it's been...stressful. Craig being gone, rewatching Merlin 4x03, doctor's appointment today...it adds up.

It's been productive, though. 8k on my original story that I'm working on, 6k of fanfic (an auction story that has gotten out of control, supposed to be smut, but I have 15k and...no real smut yet, oops), some blurb writing, lots of stuff done around the house. I can't complain in that regard, which is probably a good thing because we're going to be out for a good part of tomorrow.

I've also been going through KMM because I think I'm going to sign up for merlinchallenge's yuletide exchange. That hasn't been helping on the fanfic front, though, because I keep finding ideas I want to work on. But damn, my interests are varied. And not what I expected.

Last weekend, we bought a baby grand for the family. It's a combination investment piece/gift for the family. It was supposed to be delivered today, but there was problems with other deliveries not getting done, so we got postponed until next week. However, I did manage to find something this week on Craigslist that I fell in love with, so we went and bought/picked it up tonight. It's a table/chair set that I've been seeing in the SkyMall mag for ages, but everything in that is ridiculously priced. We got it for a song:

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