October 19th, 2011

merlin - gwaine sexy boy: luisadeza

Fic rec: Friday Night with G. E. McGregor

So, back when merlin_muses were taking prompts for this year's fest, I went a little nuts throwing ideas in there. I wanted there to be lots of options for those of us who might not want to read or write Arthur/Merlin. Well, at least one of them got chosen, and it's absolutely delightful!

It's Merlin/Gwaine, and it's called Friday Night with G. E. McGregor. More specifically:

Pairing(s)/Character(s): Merlin/Gwaine (background Arthur/Vivian)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Merlin gets the opportunity to meet his favorite author, but G. E. McGregor is not at all what he expected.
Warnings (if any): Modern AU, age disparity, Merlin is 20, Gwaine is 30ish
Total word count: 7.5K

And like I said, it's wonderful. Go and read!