October 17th, 2011

btvs - spike write: sdwolfpup

Fic meme, Day Eighteen

18 – Where do you get the most inspiration for your stories (aka "bunnies") from?

There is no easy answer to this. I see bunnies everywhere. I always have. I was a child that lived in her imagination, because it was a much better place than the real world. I played games with imaginary friends, created roleplaying games to play with my siblings, wrote down story after story when I couldn't physically go somewhere to escape. I grew into a teenager who channeled that imagination into more productive means, getting heavily involved with theater and performance art in high school, then on into college. That morphed into film during my twenties, and even when the real world became a place I was willing and excited about being in, the way I viewed it was so firmly ingrained, there was no changing it.

So the highly unsatisfactory, but ultimately true, answer is...everywhere. I get sparked when I watch the show, see a picture, hear a lyric. A single word can send me running off in an entirely new direction. The bunnies aren't always good, and some of them never get the chance to grow, but they're everywhere. I can't avoid them even if I wanted to.

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