October 3rd, 2011

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It's been a busy couple of days. The kids started their fall break today, too, which means I get them full-time for the next two weeks. Watch my productivity go out the window, lol.

On Saturday, L and I took our four kids to go see a musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz at a nearby professional theater. The kids had a blast, and I was pleasantly surprised by the production value on a theater so close to us. I'm trying to talk L into volunteering for tech work to get involved again, but that'll probably have to wait until her baby is just a tad bit older, lol.

Craig also got us tickets to go see Reed Martin and Austin Tichenor's The Ultimate Christmas Show (Abridged) in Napa Friday night. Those are the Reduced Shakespeare guys. They've written and directed this production, so we've got our fingers crossed it'll be a fun show.

To help counter my bad mood yesterday, I ended up cleaning and reorganizing my closet. It's been a project I've wanted to do for a while now, and it's still not done because I can't do anything about Craig's side, but mine is completely stripped down and redone. I got rid of all the clothes I've shrunk out of, reorganized the gift section (I store gifts that I need to wrap in there to keep them out of the way), completely redid my shoes, and then on a whim, tried on my wedding gown. I haven't had it out of its bag since right after we got married. I'd forgotten how much I love it. Anyway, I was about five pounds less then than I am now, so I held high hopes. Well, it fit! Without having to wear a body under it like I did for the wedding! It was tight around the breasts and rib cage, but I could still get it done up and move around in it. It was just like wearing a corset, that's all, lol. And the skirt actually fit better, but that's because I've lost a lot of my weight so far in my butt and thighs.

Speaking of losing weight...I've been stuck the past couple weeks in the same 1.5 pound range. A good part of that was because we ended up eating out a couple times (always bad), and me being uber hungry for a couple days last week. But as of this morning, it looks like I've finally broken past that. I'm at 27.4 pounds lost so far, which I'm very pleased about. I'm proud that I didn't give up even when I was so frustrated that I'd plateaud. It makes me believe I can really do it.