September 6th, 2011

tv - pretty (wes/fred): behindblue_eyes

All the pretty tv shows

I'm such a happy fangirl today.

First of all, this vid of Tom/Eoin/Rupert was the best thing to wake up to EVER. All the shirtless Tom? And the teasing? And the hot Eoin? Just...just...I'm so speechless over it.

Secondly, Sons of Anarchy starts tonight! Woo hoo!

I actually sat down and went through my EW to figure out what our TV schedule is going to be, what new shows we want to watch. It's...a little sad, lol.

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And now somehow, I have to find a way to get things accomplished today and not just dwell on all the hotness of Tom/Eoin/Rupert et al, and the SoA premiere tonight, lol.