August 25th, 2011

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I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I absolutely love Alex's teacher. It's the same one he had last year. She does a rollover with her students who choose to stick with her, so he's got her for fourth grade as well as third. She is literally the only teacher I have ever volunteered for. I adore her that much.

Anyway, she loves Alex. She loves how bright he is, and how eager he is to learn. She's the one who told us that he was doing his math in Roman numerals to make it harder for himself last year, so this year, she suggested to him that he give the class a lesson on Roman numerals. He's been working on it all week, made a poster and everything.

I just got this email from her:

Hey there!

Alex is up in front of the class, teaching his lesson on roman numerals. Everyone is engaged. They all have their white boards out and are working numbers together. He is doing a fabulous job teaching the lesson. He is pulling sticks, calling on people randomly, moving slowly, and asking questions. IT IS AMAZING! BRAVO ALEX!

I wish I had this on video. :)

Yes, that's me bragging, lol.