June 26th, 2011

merlin - arthur/percival: luisadeza

Fic: A Tourist in the World of Images (Arthur/Percival) - Rish

At hotel in Baltimore and have a quiet night ahead of me so decided to claim/post the other KMM fic I wrote last week.

TITLE: A Tourist in the World of Images
AUTHOR: Eurydice
WORD COUNT: 1355 words
SPOILERS/WARNINGS: S4 speculation, based mostly on shooting pics
DISCLAIMER: Oh, how I wish they were, but no, they are not mine.
NOTES: Written for the KMM prompt, Arthur/Percival, Arthur's walking by Percival's tent when he hears moaning and groaning coming from inside. He slips in and watches from the shadows as a squire kneads and squeezes Percival's back and shoulders. Eventually Arthur steps forward and silently motions for the squire to leave before taking over the massage himself. This didn't go exactly as I'd anticipated, though.
SUMMARY: Arthur takes a moment to indulge some of his curiosity about his newest knight.

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