June 24th, 2011

merlin - arthur/percival: luisadeza

Fic: Haven by Chance (Arthur/Percival) - NC17

So...last night I admitted to my newfound fascination with Percival. Well, this fic is the long fic that a) distracted me from my big bang, and b) obsessed me for the last four months in writing. I wrote this anonymously over at KMM for a couple reasons. First, I was worried about writing Percival when so little had been done about him. That actually ended up being the most liberating part. Second, I've written mostly A/G to this point, and I was afraid that some people in fandom might hold that against the fic and not give it a try. I am, and always have been, a multi-shipper. I fall in love with characters, and then try and make them happy in fic. That's a big reason why I was a Spuffy shipper. I loved Spike, Spike loved Buffy, I wanted Spike to be happy, ergo I wrote a lot of Spuffy fic. And most of my fics had multiple ships in them. That's just the way I am. However, I know that there are a lot of people who don't crossover like that, meaning slashers who don't read het and vice versa. Personally, I don't understand it since I've been reading and writing (and loving) both for years, but I respect anybody's right to read what they want to read. Long story short, I was already attempting a rare pairing, I didn't want to cripple its chances of being read even more by being seen as a het writer. I'm not. I write about people falling in love, regardless of gender.

My long fic is done now, and I've got it up on my archive, and I'm ready to claim it. As far as I'm concerned, this is my big bang, lol. I want to thank everyone who was so supportive of it over at KMM, especially sheswatching who was an absolute doll.

TITLE: Haven by Chance
AUTHOR: Eurydice
WORD COUNT: 88k (complete)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Arthur/Percival, Gwaine/Merlin
DISCLAIMER: Oh, how I wish they were, but no, they are not mine.
NOTES: Written for the KMM prompt, Arthur/Percival and/or Gwaine/Merlin, modern day AU, Sweaty, dirty dancing at a club. Paired off or all together, all I know is I want it.
SUMMARY: Percival Chance looks like he might have it all, but his shyness and insecurity cripple him from any kind of real relationship. Until he meets a gorgeous blond at a club one night and decides to take a chance. When he finds out his hook-up is none other than Arthur Pendragon, one of the most powerful businessmen in London, he's convinced he's made a terrible mistake. It's up to Arthur to convince him otherwise...

Haven by Chance