January 20th, 2011

mood - rock on (clem)

He's a trip

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. I got a real kick out of watching American Idol last night. The dynamic at the judges' table is completely different, far more collaborative than it's ever felt before.

And Steven Tyler is a trip and a half. I mean, I knew he was a character, but this exceeded my (albeit low) expectations. I'm looking forward to continuing watching to see how it goes.

Nobody really blew me away singing-wise, though at this stage, it's just too little to really tell.

In other news, I forgot to post about our swing when it arrived. It got here the Sunday before the inlaws left, and it's perfect for what we wanted.

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The nice thing about it - other than its hugely solid build, that swing and chain set holds a thousand pounds and has the smoothest glide - is the 15-year unlimited warranty on it. Anything ever happens to it, we get it replaced/fixed. Totally worth what we paid for it. Next step is the paving stones we love to put under and around it.