January 17th, 2011

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

The last few days in list form

I've taken the last couple days off from the computer mostly, except for some necessary blogging I had to do for Jamie Craig stuff. Instead, I spent time with the family which made a welcome change.

1. The inlaws left on Thursday. This visit felt so short compared to recent ones - well, because it was shorter, lol - but honestly, I probably would've been good with it being longer. The shift in the MIL's health has meant she's yielded a lot of what she used to, so it didn't feel like everything was being taken out of my control again. In fact, it felt far more balanced, because we traded off on certain things, like meals. I think it probably helped that I was sick for a good portion of the holiday, too.

2. We finally got to the movies Saturday, though I was outvoted and we ended up seeing Tron 3D. Not terrible, though the young Jeff Bridges CGI really creeped me out. However, Jeff Bridges makes just about everything better.

3. Yesterday was a lot of game playing with the kids and grocery shopping. I do love my Rock Band 3.

4. Instead of the Golden Globes last night (though woo hoo, Katey Sagal won!!), Craig and I sat down to catch up on TV that had accumulated while his parents were visiting. We got through 3 episodes of Caprica before he started falling asleep on the couch, so we'll finish the last 2 tonight. I'm so pissed this show got canceled.

5. I'm sure it's going to be awful, but I've got the DVR set up to record the American version of "Being Human" tonight. I'm curious more than anything else.