December 5th, 2010

merlin - camelot: cat_o_wen

Decking the halls

We got the first wave of decorating done today. That means getting the lights on the house, the lights on the path, various decorations for the lawn, and the tree up and decorated. The rest is waiting for me to tackle when I don't have grumpy children or a husband who wants to play xbox getting in the way. I have to go buy garlands to wind around the porch yet, but it's looking pretty good. Craig keeps asking me if we've won yet, lol.

Our first Christmas cards are up, too. Thanks to enigmaticblues, manoah, and louise39 for the lovely cards! My first wave is going out tomorrow (I got the UK ones done this weekend), so there's still time to ask for one from me. Just check out this post.

I forgot to pimp this when the voting started, but it's progressed to a tiebreaker round, so I'm going to pimp it now. I joined the fic challenge comm, camelot_fics, to write more short Merlin pieces, and the first round is underway. There's currently a tiebreaker she needs broken, and I'm not sure how much longer voting is going to be open, but there's only five fics to read at this point, all less than 1k, so if you're inclined to go over and put in a vote for your favorite, you'll probably be doing the mod a big favor. :)