October 23rd, 2010

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Getting to Know You - Day 4

Day 04 – What you ate today, in great detail

How can anybody find this interesting, lol? Oh well, it's part of the meme...

Breakfast? Um, oops. We spent the morning doing the front lawn and getting Halloween decorations up on the porch before the rain hit. By the time we'd cleaned up, it was 11:40 and all I'd had was a cup of tea.

Because we'd spent more time on the lawn than we'd planned, we decided to go to Panera for lunch. There, I got chicken noodle soup in the sourdough bread bowl - soup is always the perfect rainy day food - a cheese danish, and a coffee.

I took Alicia out shopping this afternoon, and knew I would be running to Trader Joe's to pick up something for dinner when we were done. However, that ended up being 4:45, so whatever I had to get had to be quick. I ended up getting the ingredients for tortellini in a mushroom alfredo sauce (homemade), with turkey meatballs (not homemade, lol). For dessert, we had apple strudel and french vanilla ice cream.

The kettle is on for another cup of tea. No more food for me tonight. I couldn't even finish my tortellini. The leftovers are in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. :)

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Fanart for An Inexhaustible Moon

So I participated in my first Gwen Battle this past summer, and wrote a 12k A/G story called An Inexhaustible Moon, based on the song "Falling Slowly." About the same time, I bid on one of my favorite artists at the help_pakistan event, and was lucky enough to win one of her banners. She sent it to me tonight, and with her permission, I'm now showing it off to the world.

I think it's absolutely stunning. katekat1010 is so frickin' talented. It's just a privilege to get her art for one of my fics.

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