July 12th, 2010

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Back home

June sucked for posting for me. I'm hoping to get back on a schedule. Because now our vacation is past, I'm home again (if crazed recovering from vacation), and I don't feel all out of sorts because I don't have my order/routine/everything else that keeps me sane.

The trip back across the country wasn't nearly as pleasant as the trip out. Alex woke up Saturday feeling unwell. By the evening, when we'd stopped in SLC to spend the night with pepperlandgirl4, he was running a temp over 102. We spent part of the night up because of his vomiting, a symptom that prevailed for our final twelve-hour day in the car on Sunday. He's doing better this morning, thank god. Because I really didn't need a sick child on top of everything else I need to get down just to get up and running on my life again.

But I'm back. I have more schmoop prompts to write/post, amongst other things. Right now, though, I should get off the computer and run to the store since there is nothing in the house resembling food.