May 6th, 2010

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Recovery mode

Craig is in Portland for business until Friday night (he left yesterday before any of us got up), and I'm still in recovery mode from the romance con last week. It was a great con, tons of networking and exciting possibilities, but I'm in the post-con blues at the moment, so not a joy to be around. Too much time playing catch up from being gone and not enough working on things that are already overdue. Which only adds to the stress. Because it's times like these that I wonder what the hell I'm doing and why I'm even bothering. It'll pass, I know. I recognize this stage of con-going. But it's still frustrating as hell.

And in thinking about plans for Mother's Day on Sunday, it struck me as funny that, when wondering what I might want, the first thing that always springs to mind is having permission to abdicate all my usual mother responsibilities for a day. I know it's typical for it to be a day when we celebrate our mothers - thus they get the mini-vacation - but shouldn't it also be a day for us moms to celebrate our families? Just a thought.