April 3rd, 2010

cooking: sunlitdays

Amazing tapas dinner

Tonight, I took Pepper and her sister out to dinner to celebrate her sister's birthday. We ended up going to a tapas restaurant called Mosaic, and oh my god, was that some of the best food I've had in a very long time.

We ended up ordering three apiece, one cold and two hot, to share amongst all of us. The first to come out was the tuna tartare, and it was the most tender, well seasoned tuna I've ever had. Sooooo good. The lobster salad I ordered had probably the most complex combination of flavors of the night, with lobster, guacamole, orange, and a chive sour cream all mingling into one of my favorite dishes of the night. I didn't particularly care for the carpaccio Pepper ordered, but that was because I didn't really like the dressing.

The hot tapas had some real standouts. Pepper ordered an herb gnocchi with asparagus tips, shaved parmesan, and a truffled asparagus sauce that was just perfect. The asparagus lightened the gnocchi from being too heavy. The tenderloin was succulent, the duck just melt in your mouth, and the maple-glazed scallops with pumpkin seeds and radicchio out of this world.

I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it all, lol.

We each ordered different desserts, though we didn't share those. And I finished it off with a tawny port that has now made me a little sleepy. A great way to end my stay here in St. Louis.