March 27th, 2010

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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So today was Craig's birthday. The big 38. It was all about indulging him (well, except for the stuff that had to happen), so breakfast was donuts and coffee, and then we came home so he and the kids could play games. The kids both had games this afternoon (Alicia's team won 16-5, 2 of which were hers, but Alex's league doesn't keep score yet). Craig got a mite crispy there, because it was cloudless skies and 70 degrees. Just gorgeous.

We came home, the kids cleaned up, then we all went out to Craig's favorite sushi place for dinner. Dessert was Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, and then a stroll through B&N to work it off with a coffee to go. Now, he's parked on the couch and playing xbox with his buddies online for the rest of the night.

Me, I'm enjoying the fact that the pseudoephedrine I went and got this morning made me feel human this afternoon for the first time in two weeks. My ears aren't completely clear yet, but they're definitely better. God bless real drugs, lol.