February 13th, 2010

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Posting early today because we leave in a couple hours for Sonoma. Tonight, we have tickets to see the Reduced Shakespeare Company put on their Completely Hollywood, something we're all excited about going to see. The kids love their brand of physical comedy, and watch our DVD of their Complete Works of Shakespeare a lot. Alex doesn't normally have the patience to sit through live shows, but this one should be the exception.

We're not doing anything romantic for the holiday. Friends we haven't seen in 4 months are coming over tomorrow for dinner, and then spending the night so we can drink and catch up, and the girls can have more time to play together. And while I'm glad to be seeing them, it's another day I'm losing on productivity. I did manage to finish one of the edits, thank god, and I'm taking my laptop with me to work in the car on the way to Sonoma and back. I won't be able to get anything done tomorrow, but maybe on Monday I can hole up in my bedroom and just work all day. Maybe.