December 16th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Gah! Stupid drivers are making me so angry this morning!

So, I'm taking the kids to school. It's rained all night. The roads are slick. I'm stopped at a T-junction with no light, making a left with heavy traffic coming in both directions, the right side of which comes over a hill so it partially blind not too far away. It's not a junction to take lightly. And I drive a minivan. *And* I'm on a slight incline.

A minute after I'm stopped there, a monster white pick-up pulls up behind me.

Two minutes later, he honks at me, because it's *still* not safe for me to go, pulls up on my right, makes a left in front of me that makes his wheels squeal and causes at least one of the cars coming from the left to slam onto his brakes, then actually flips me the finger as he passes in front of me.

I mean, really? So for a split second, I'm thinking, Well maybe he's late for work and he's got to get his kids dropped off, too, because the school is just one block down. But no, almost immediately he turns into a residential area, so it's very likely he's just going home.

And I was able to finally make my turn 30 seconds later. If he'd only waited...

I just don't understand that kind of driving. I don't. It puts people unnecessarily at risk, and serves absolutely no purpose. It's a *school zone*, for Christ's sake. And yet, somehow I'm the one who deserves to be flipped off? Oy..