October 26th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Mexican Marshmallow Mocha

This is me, trying to get back - again - to how good I was being about posting before the move. I'm not even going to try and catch up. I think it's impossible, and let's face it, a little boring, lol.

So to kickstart posting every day again, I'm going to share a recipe I tried the other night for the kids. We have a new ritual in this house. I used to be *really* close to Safeway, and had no problems running to the store every day to get what I wanted. It was fast and then done, which I liked. Here, the local Safeway is better than our old one, but not nearly as close. Going every day would be a pain in the butt, so I've taken to doing one weekly shop, and then running to Lucky - which is closer, but I really don't like very much - to get something I might need last minute. Because I'm kinda sorta planning a week's meals - if not specifics, then generalities because I just do not want to be doing the shopping so often - I've taken to sitting the kids down the night before the shopping trip, giving them free rein of all my cookbooks, and letting them pick something out. It's been interesting, lol. Probably the biggest hit so far was this drink that Alex picked out for Saturday night, though.

It's a Weight Watchers recipe, but that just means it's not as calorie-laden as it's full fat siblings, lol. But it was ohmigod so good, and a keeper for us.

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