September 7th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Bit by bit, I feel like I'm regaining control of my life. The fact that today was highly productive helps in that regard. I wrote 2500 words on a new short, unpacked/catalogued/shelved 9 boxes of books, spent 2 hours shopping at Target this morning for more necessities, and did various little things around the house. I also did some editing and spent an hour filling out paperwork for the kids to start school tomorrow. Which will be another step closer to the return of the routine.

Maybe organizing my books helped in more than just accomplishing something. I've been frustrated by my books for years. We had to keep most of them boxed while we were in England, and then once we were over here, they just got put wherever we had room. Now, I have enough bookshelves for all of them (I think, I'm not done yet), and with a fresh start, can finally organize them the way I want. It's a tad anal. All my unread stuff is separate from my keeper stuff, and each of those is broken down into various types. Then, I organize them alphabetically by author within each category. I got to catalog my unread stuff, too, which really shouldn't have felt as good as it did, lol. I'm not done. I have another 8 boxes sitting in the front room for me to go through at some point, but what I see on my shelves makes me happy.

Bit by bit. And boy, does it feel good.