August 20th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Our moving schedule seems to be firm now.

Monday, 8/24 - Final walk-through
Friday, 8/28 - Get keys
Sat/Sun, 8/29-30 - Move small stuff ourselves
Monday, 8/31 - Truck arrives to move furniture/bulky stuff/most boxes

The kids will start at their new school after Labor Day then.

What this means? My next two weeks will be INSANE. Because on top of the move, I have to write one more sex scene to finish a 40k novella due 9/1, write 6-10k addition for novella at LSB due 8/27, write 15-18k part 3 of my gay lawyers series due 9/15, and write the Waltz sequel (anywhere from 70-100k) due 9/30.

And the finishing packing, school shopping for the kids, unpacking...

I'm tired already.