August 4th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Surprisingly productive day, though it could have been more so if Pepper and I had had a better idea about our climax before we started in on the scene leading up to it. Because we didn't, we ended up spending 2 hours debating what was to happen next in our current project. It was necessary, but it always makes me think I'm wasting time not writing.

Speaking of writing, it feels like all my releases are coming out at the same time. I had two releases in July - my cougar story in the LSB antho, and the first gay lawyers in love story at Amber Quill. Next Monday, my story "Chains of Jericho" is getting re-released by LSB (since LBR has been sold), edited and tightened down from its original. And then I don't have anything until the end of September, and then after that, November. I wish I could spread them out more, but I have zero control over that.

Oh! And I got another great review for the first lawyers story ("Wrangers: Discovery"). It's always such a relief to realize that my intent got across. In this case, I just wanted to write something short and sexy. Their relationship gets developed over the course of the 4-novella series.