July 29th, 2009

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Man, it's going to be dead around here this weekend, isn't it? It seems like everybody and their brother is going to WriterCon. It makes me want to do something around here, but then I remember I'm not likely to be on much this weekend anyway, and then I feel guilty for thinking about it, lol.

I'm in wait and see mode again. The phone call from my aunt this morning suggested I wait to go and see my mom until she's back in North Carolina. And then I didn't hear from them again though they had said they'd call back so I could talk to my mom directly. I didn't want to call and bug them because frankly, Mom is in bed a lot and I didn't want to keep missing her. So...who knows what the hell is happening now? I sure don't.

I do know that I'm going into San Francisco tomorrow. Craig and I have tickets to see Wicked, and I'm meeting up for coffee with someone while I wait for Craig to get there from work. It'll be a nice distraction, I'm hoping. And in the meantime, I'll focus on my work, and packing, and trying not to obsess about what's going on with my family.

But hey, I've managed to post something every day for a week now! Maybe I can get back into the swing of this after all! :)