July 25th, 2009

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It is nine o'clock on a Saturday night, and I am currently sprawled on the floor in a conference room in Craig's office, while he and a co-worker hash out problems/testing with their latest project. We've been here since two, and we'll be here until midnight, at which point I made him promise to go home. It sounds a little weird, but when Craig explained to me last night that he had to come in today and work, and then proceeded to invite me in, too, I knew this was where I would be. I wasn't interested in sitting at home all day, working on stuff, without him around. Granted, he's buried in work, so it's not like we're sitting here chatting or anything, but it's infinitely better than being alone. At least, it is for me right now. I need the contact.

Somebody remind me of this at Christmas when I'm dying to get my house all to myself again, lol.

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