July 23rd, 2009

cooking: sunlitdays

Recipes: Seared Tuna, Corn Salad, Fruit Crumble

Now that I'm finding a routine with the kids being gone - though that'll all go to hell when they get back, lol - I'm getting food back on track. One nice thing about the kids being gone, though, is that I can feel free to try recipes of food I'm fairly certain they wouldn't try without having to worry about having back-up meals for them. Starting tonight.

It turned out fantastic. Plus, all the recipes came from my WW stuff, and even better? 30 minutes from start to finish, and that includes all the prep. It doesn't get much easier than that.

So what was the menu?

First, there was Collapse )

With that, we had, Collapse )

And then for dessert, we had Collapse )

The aioli is to die for if you like wasabi and avocado. And I moaned at the first bite of the crumble. I haven't been that satisfied by a meal I've made in ages. Now I have to find that kind of pleasure every time.