June 28th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4


So yesterday, Craig came home from U-Haul with 50 new boxes for us to start packing. (Trying to find free boxes being given away has been a nightmare the past two weeks.) That means I'm - you guessed it - packing. And finding stuff I haven't seen in years. And getting rid of stuff.

A lot of stuff is going to Good Will or I'm freecycling it, but there is some that I can't do either with, that I don't want to just throw away if I don't have to. So if I think it's appropriate, you might find stuff here on my LJ.

Like what I've giving away today.

A couple years ago at Phauxcon, makd was clearing out her printed/bound fanfic, and I picked up a two-volume copy of Misty Flores' "How to Date a Beautiful Woman (In Less Than One Week)." It's an AtS fic, for those who are curious (details here). I'm offering it today to the first person who asks for it. These are the conditions:

1. If you're in the US, I'll pay the postage, so there will be absolutely no cost to you.
2. If you're in the UK, I'll still pay the postage, but you have to wait until after 7/14 for it to get mailed because I'll send it over with the kids when they visit their grandparents and have my MIL mail it from over there.
3. If you're anywhere else, you'll have to pay the postage, because it can get a little expensive to ship stuff overseas, and this is a 2-volume set that weighs over 2 pounds.

So that's it. There might be more stuff to come over the next two months. I have a lot of stuff, lol.