May 21st, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Update on me

I should probably post an update about what's been going on with me...

1. Collapse )

2. It's been a week of medical stuff. Craig had an outpatient procedure done on Tuesday that thankfully showed he's healthy, so that's a plus. On the not so plus side...Collapse )

3. Speaking of medical stuff, Alex's cough is back. :(

4. We've gone ahead and purchased the kids' flights for the UK. They'll be gone for 5 weeks. I also might be taking an interim trip with them out to visit my mom before that.

5. My 10th wedding anniversary is next week. Craig and I don't have real plans, because, guess what, we're hosting the Girl Scouts end of the year sleepover at our house the same night, lol. We've decided to do something after the kids leave for the UK to celebrate both our anniversary and my birthday in July. Right now, we're going back and forth between NYC and Hawaii. I think I'd have more fun in NYC, but we've never been to Hawaii.

6. The new house is underway. Craig has thrown up a website for us to share pictures and videos of the process. It's easier than wasting bandwidth to show family, so I'm sharing the site with you, in case anyone's interested. :) The interior pictures of the model home are just for reference. For instance, one picture of the kitchen has the layout, while the other has the cabinets/countertops I picked out. Ditto for the pictures on the floors. We wanted reference of the carpet and tile we picked out (the lighter ones), rather than just the dark tile in the model home.