April 25th, 2009

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Well, we went and did it. Today, we drove out and signed the papers to purchase a new house. It's exactly what we wanted, and after all the research, knew it suited all our needs. Even better, we got the upgraded kitchen cabinets for free, as well as found out that the original date we'd been estimated had been revised. We had initially been told the house wouldn't be done until Sept/Oct., but now, we have an escrow date of 8/28, with our walk through scheduled on 8/24. I want it to be August now!

But this is the house we've wanted, and waited for. I can easily see us there for at least the next 10-12 years, our promise to the kids that this will be it until after they graduate high school (barring unforeseen life changes). That means pets are on our horizon as well.

Life is good. :)