March 19th, 2009

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Thursday round-up

I've gotten so lazy about posting in LJ since I discovered Twitter. I like being able to post random thoughts and reactions in tiny tidbits, so here are just a few highlights of my life lately:

1. I had my weigh-in today. I've lost 30.3 pounds. Woo hoo!
2. I was in Vegas and Salt Lake City for a writing convention, the one where Pepper and I had a bunch of finalist places for their writing awards. I got sick and was miserable most of the time, but came away with good news when my novella, Walk Among Us, won best short story/novella in an anthology.
3. We also saw Zumanity which was AMAZING. I'm trying to talk Craig into going back to Vegas for our 10th wedding anniversary in May so we can see it again.
4. We have decided that it's time for us to start considering buying. We've been renting since we moved to CA, and the housing prices have been crazy. It's cheaper to rent than it is to have a mortgage, by almost half. But the recent crash has finally brought prices down to a decent level, so we've initiated the process.
5. Baseball, softball, and Girl Scouts are all in full swing. Along with writing and trying to recover from being sick, and everything else, I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed trying to get everything done. But it will happen, I swear it. :)