January 21st, 2009

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Today was an odd day. On the one hand, it was hugely productive. I had a rough start, but then spent a good part of the day getting caught up on updating the Jamie Craig website and dealing with a lot of the administrative stuff that crops up. pepperlandgirl4 and I managed to get 3k written on the final book in the Master series, too. So productive, right?

Except I'm all out of sorts at the moment. I think part of it comes from just having finished a project yesterday for an anthology (and then finding out today that a crucial detail I needed to know about would have changed what I wrote completely, and now I fear being the element that holds the anthology back). But I always get post-story blues, which is why it's an excellent time for me to get caught up on admin stuff. It's just...I've had this vague sense of dissatisfaction lately. Like I'm living on the edge of my life, looking in. I'm pretty sure it's a reaction to having company for so long, and abandoning any semblance of routine in my life for the timebeing. It's just all adding up.

It doesn't help that Craig's been miserable the last few weeks at work. His company made everybody take 2 weeks off over Christmas as they shut down, and on the Monday they came back, they fired 85 people. Including his best friend. The one person he could vent to about work in order to let off steam. Now he doesn't have that person and everything is percolating. It's not good. He knows the market is bad, so he's not really serious, but every other day he comes home talking about another part of the country to move to, in order to make a change. I worry about him. And am probably catching his general malaise.

And I'm using my Glen Hansard icon because thinking of him cheers me up.