November 7th, 2008

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Been an emotional roller coaster today. There was this writing contest that I was HUGELY excited about entering. It was to find the new anthology partner for one of the best m/m writers in the e-market right now, Josh Lanyon. I wanted this so badly, I convinced Pepper we should submit three stories - one we wrote together, and then ones we'd write on our own. Yesterday, Josh posted about how many entries they got and how good the four finalists he was reading, and how hard the decision was going to be, etc. Then this morning, he posted who the four finalists were. My solo story and the story Pepper and I wrote as Jamie Craig both made it to that shortlist of 4. I got all bouncy and excited for the next four hours. Then he posted the winner. One of the other two. My mood plummeted, lol. Damn. So close and yet so far.

On the plus side, we're supposed to get critiques from Josh if we finalled. That's going to be valuable. There's also the possibility that the publisher will still want the stories in another capacity. *And* the author that did win is actually very, very talented, so you know, losing to someone talented? Much easier to swallow than losing to someone you think sucks, lol.

But still. Disappointed. Pepper talked me down from self-medicating with ice cream, for which I am extremely grateful.