November 5th, 2008

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With 95% of the vote in, it looks like Proposition 8 will pass with 52% of the vote. While I was thrilled with Obama's win - and cried during his speech - I must admit that I am more heavily emotionally involved with this result. Perhaps it's because I never really doubted Obama would win; I've been telling Pepper for days that she should stop worrying. If he had lost, I would be an even greater funk today than I am. I warned Craig ahead of time that I would be on the serious side of moving away - back to England, anywhere but here - if McCain ended up in office.

But proposition 8 passing saddens me. This affects people I love - friends, family. This encourages the right to discriminate against them for reasons they cannot control. This teaches my children lessons I vehemently oppose. Proponents for Prop 8 are calling this a moral victory. Because it's amoral to love? Don't tell me you support same-sex couples being allowed to continue having the same liberties they already have, and then in the next say a family unit can only be created by a married man and a woman.

That's not morality.

That's hypocrisy.

That's a distinction I will fight to teach my children until I can't draw breath.

Last night, Alicia asked me why I wanted proposition 8 to fail. I explained to her that it was trying to take rights away from people based on something they could not change. I mentioned how it used to be you could only vote if you were a white male, that women, that non-white people were refused that basic right. Her reaction? She was appalled. In her mind, she can't fathom something so basic - that a person is a person, regardless of their skin, sex, or orientation - could be denied.

I praised her. For understanding what it seems some adults could not.

Today is a day of mixed joy for me. While the country stands on the brink of a new direction, California has taken a step backward. I'm trying to focus on the positive. Eight years ago, gay marriage was banned with a 61% vote. Today, that's down to 52%. Change is coming. And I'll embrace it when it finally arrives.