March 24th, 2008

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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I know I've been pretty quiet again, but with pepperlandgirl4 and her sisters here last week, my schedule went all to hell. However, they left early this morning, so maybe I'll get it back. I doubt it. The kids are on spring break this week. And guess what? For the third year running, Craig isn't home on his birthday. Nope, this year, since the company isn't sending him to India as much anymore, they found a new way to torture him. On Wednesday morning, he gets to fly to Delaware so that on Thursday, he can spend the day testifying in court for some business transaction thing. So we're going to celebrate his birthday on Friday instead.

Other than that...I have tons of work to do. Two edits and a galley sit on my laptop, not to mention all the coding I have to do for the new LLG, a story that's due by next Monday at Amber Quill, and my joss_las entry due by the 1st. Also, we watched a bit of Buffy and Angel the past couple days so that bug is biting, too (the Paley stuff totally didn't help there). But no writing for me today. The kids might have spring break, but guitar and piano lessons still go on...