March 3rd, 2008

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Sometimes, some of the kids in our neighborhood make me want to throttle them.

See, there's a family with four kids that lives very near to us. The three youngest are all right around my kids' ages, and they all play together occasionally. They've been invited to birthday parties and vice versa. But these other kids have zero respect about private property. When they come knocking at the door and I say my kids can't play right then - for whatever reason - more than half the time, they hang out in my yard and driveway to play by themselves. We have a corner lot and we're on a slight incline, with a really long drive, so it's ideal for scooters or heelies or that kind of thing. Plus, we're on an uber-quiet court so there's tons of room without having to worry about cars or traffic. I make them go when I'm feeling in a particularly combative mood, but it just pisses me off that they just don't have any respect. I see them ride their bides into other people's driveways, too, and they've banged their bikes against garage doors, leaving marks. But talking to the mom doesn't do any good. She can't control them, or doesn't want to. It ends up being the same result.

They even have the nerve to question me. My kids get dinner between 5 and 5:30 90% of the time. Tonight they showed up in the middle of dinner and asked if Alex and Alicia could come out. I said no, they couldn't play right then. Then they turned around and asked if they could come and play inside. Huh? Did you not hear me just say they can't play? Why would I invite you in to play here if they can't play with you?


They've complained to Alicia that she has a mean mom. Because I don't let them have their way, apparently. Oh well.