January 23rd, 2008

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I'm in galleys mode this week. Today, I'm tackling the print galley for Liaisons in Jubilee, which pepperlandgirl4 and I had published as a short story last August, but yesterday, I interspersed housework and working on our April showers Calendar Boy story with checking the galley for my upcoming release, Ruby Red Rebels.

I have to admit, it's one of my favorites I've done recently. It's bantery, and it's sexy, and Serena my heroine is smart and no-nonsense. Plus, writing about cowboy vampires is just damn fun. Half the story is set in a country-and-western vampire bar called Ruby Red, complete with a bartender who looks like Hugh O'Brian, lol. My only wish is that the book was longer. It's a long novella at 34k, but the banter and action of it could have held out for much more, I think.

Today's my posting day over at our Jamie Craig blog. Every Wednesday is the same thing - eye candy. We actually call it "Inspirations," meaning our physical inspirations for our characters, but really, it's just an excuse to post pretty pictures of guys we think are hot, lol. Since it's my week and I have a new release on Sunday, I decided to do a picspam of my inspiration for Max, my cowboy vampire. Look at my icon. It should be easy as anything to see who I based him on. ;)
eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Conversation overheard tonight when Alicia was trying to teach Alex a swing dance she learned at school:

ALEX: You want to tickle me!
ALICIA: No, I just want to show you the dance. Come on. It's fun!
ALEX: It's not. You're tickling me! (lots of giggles)
ALICIA: It's not tickling. It's dancing.
ALEX: (breathless giggling) Okay, okay, wait a minute!
ALEX: Okay. I'll let you tickle me. For $10.

I think Alex and I need to have a talk about letting people do stuff to him for money, lol.