January 19th, 2008

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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We had some drama here last night. Craig got rearended coming home from work. A huge van plowed into him from behind, pushed him into the car in front of him, which pushed her into the car in front of her. Our car was the only one to take any damage, and it's....well, it's pretty much totaled. Craig and his friend who he carpools with are very lucky to come out of it just being a little stiff. But the back end of the car was completely smashed in. As soon as the insurance gets all sorted, which can take a few weeks, we'll have to get a new one.

Though he's all right, I - of course - had nightmares all night. So I'm a little tired today. Stupid dreams. Stupid overactive imagination. He's fine. I keep telling myself that. He wanted me to go with him this morning to go see the car, but no, I really don't need to see that..