January 13th, 2008

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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I had two...I wouldn't call them resolutions, but points of action I was going to take for the new year. One was a weekly clearout, something I read about last year that I never got around to doing where in an attempt to declutter your lives, you do it in manageable doses. You get rid of 7 items a week - 7 books, 7 CD's, 7 items of clothing, etc. I'm doing this with my MIL, so until I figure out who I can give stuff around here - would you believe that there isn't a Goodwill within a 20-mile radius who will take donations? They all want me to drive over to the peninsula or into areas I can't park easily in order to donate - I'm throwing stuff away. This week is my tupperware cupboard.

The other thing was a weekly blitz/odd job time. Weekends in this house are typically spent one of two ways - Craig disappears with the kids for the bulk of the day or everybody lazes about, playing video games or watching movies to recuperate from the week. So, in an attempt to try and get a handle on odd jobs that have been piling up because I can never grab Craig long enough and to give the kids more responsibility, Craig and I blocked out 9-11 on Sunday mornings. No tv, no games, no computers. We work for those 2 hours on whatever projects we've deemed necessary. Starting today. Today's project is the playroom, and Craig and I are moving the furniture around in order to get the bookcases we've had out in the garage for storage up there. The room is in desperate need of new storage.

Well...it's 7:10 am. The kids and I are up. I woke up at 4am, and Craig was not in bed yet. He didn't come to bed until after 5am. Because he was playing the new video game he bought yesterday. How much do you want to bet he sleeps the morning away? And I don't dare wake him up because he leaves after lunch for a 4-day onsite for work. I wake him up and he's going to be exhausted while he's driving, so...yeah, not going to do that.

If we weren't planning on the furniture move - which has to happen first before we tackle most of the other projects for upstairs - I'd do it on my own. *sigh* Maybe we'll start next week.