September 10th, 2007

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Last spring, I canceled my guitar lessons for the summer. It made the most sense. I was going to be gone for nearly 2 months, and would have to pay for those months even if I wasn't there, so I just told Scott I was taking the summer off and that if it was all right, I'd call him back in the fall about getting back onto his schedule. I'm sure he never expected to hear from me again. By midsummer, I had convinced myself I wasn't going to return. I needed that time for other things, I reasoned. My life is only getting busier. I haven't even picked up my guitar since before we left for Michigan at the end of June.

The past couple weeks kind of changed my mind. We got Alicia going again on her piano lessons, which are at the same place Scott teaches. And I thought, you know, if Scott has an opening at the same time, then it would be stupid not to pick it all up again, because I'm going to be there anyway for Alicia. And if he didn't, well I'd just figure out a time with Craig that I could go. I needed Craig's support on this, because Scott only teaches in the afternoon and early evenings, so somebody has to be there to watch the kids.

Lo and behold, Scott has the half hour free that Alicia is in her piano lesson. So I've gone ahead and signed up again, starting on October 15th. I couldn't start now because there would be nobody to watch Alex with Craig in the UK, and I don't get home in time from Phauxcon to start on the 7th. But that gives me a month to find my calluses again so that I don't go in and completely embarrass myself, lol.

I'm a little excited. I'd forgotten what a rush I got just from being in the store. And what a great guy Scott is. And I've missed Delilah. :)