May 23rd, 2007

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I did a really dumb thing yesterday. I walked to go pick up Alicia wearing shoes that I've had for nearly a year. So they're broken in. Except for some reason, yesterday, they decided to rub my heel the wrong way. So by the time I got to the school, the side of my heel was almost completely raw. Rather than make it worse on the walk home, I figured I'd just take them off. After all, I'm only 3 blocks from the school.

So I slipped them off and started walking home barefoot.

Except the sidewalks had warmed considerably during the day. And my first thought was, "Damn that's hot."

I only lasted a block and half before I decided it was better to put the shoes back on and just deal with the blisters.

Except when I got home, the balls of my feet were killing me. And when I checked, lo and behold, I'd managed to burn blister both of them. The blister on my right foot is nearly 2" long and is killing me. And I still have the side of that heel devoid of skin because it got rubbed raw anyway.

I threw the shoes away.

But I'm still pretty dumb.
eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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Well, at least one of the things I was worried about has been resolved.

pepperlandgirl4 and I cranked out the second book in our Silver series so that the Juno editor could look at it by the end of the month. There had never been anything said that confirmed anything would ever actually happen to it; Paula had asked for the summaries months ago, and then suggested the possibility of it being a series but we figured that depended on how good the sequel was.

Apparently not.

She wrote Pepper this morning and said she needed the title of the sequel so that she could issue our contract to us. And she hasn't had the book yet. In fact, we haven't talked to her about it since March when we agreed to have it to her at the end of May. So it looks like the series is definitely a go! She is also already coordinating the cover art for the sequel, so our worrying looks like it was pointless, lol.