March 8th, 2007

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

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My first booksigning was tonight. It was...a little more intense than I expected. There were 30+ authors there, with Sherrilyn Kenyon as the primary draw. It was packed. I talked to *so* many people and in spite of my nervousness, still managed to sell a few books. And how funny is it to fangirl with women about things I like? I spent nearly 10 minutes talking to one woman about anything and everything, then when I finally got a chance to walk around, I found her sitting in the G's, waiting for her turn to see Sherrilyn. Turns out she was reading Diana Gabaldon, who I *love*, and we spent another 10 minutes fangirling over her. I don't think I'll be quite as scared at my next one; this was definitely a pleasurable experience, in spite of my jitters. And numerous trips to the bathroom. :P