February 6th, 2007

eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Good vibrations

I'm so damn hyper at the moment, I'm scaring the inlaws.

I just got back from my guitar lesson. Last week, Scott and I decided that I'd start learning Hotel California, so that I have something fun to do. That only happened because he'd told me to bring music that interested me, but when I got in, I discovered my ipod was dead. So he couldn't hear it. And I knew he wouldn't recognize the song because it's Kane, lol.

So today I took the CD of the acoustic set in London. There were two songs on there that I wanted to try - my two favorite ballads, More Than I Deserve and In the Darkness. Scott listen to the first for about 5 minutes, just fiddling around trying to figure out what was going on, then spent the next 5 playing it. Turns out it's all open chords that I already know, and the only thing was that I needed a capo in order to get the right key. Woo hoo! So he wrote it out for me and I'm going to tackle that this week. He figured out In the Darkness too - more of the same, though Steve walks down chords which I've never done - but we ran out of time to write it down. So he's going to do that for me next week.

I love Scott. He's the best. And I'm going to be playing Kane this week, woo hoo!

I'm a tad excited by this. I don't know why. :)