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Back from the dentist's and all is looking good. Of course, they're still pressuring me to get the ortho consult and I think I'm going to cave this time. It can't hurt to just get the consult, I figure. But I'm going to schedule it until after Craig gets back.

I've got to talk to him twice since he left. He sent me pictures of his hotel and some of the things he's seen. Oddly enough, he keeps taking pictures of his meals and sending those as well; I hope he's not eating with clients while he's doing this. They're going to think he's just a little weird. I miss him, though. Last night, I finally managed to drop off about 12:30 (which is late for me, considering I usually go to bed at 11pm), and then half an hour later, one of Alex's toys decides it's possessed and starts going off. I had to get up, take the thing downstairs and try to unscrew the plate over the battery holder before it woke up the kids. Took me forever to go back to sleep after that.

I made a decision about today, too. Between cramps and fighting off this cold and a way-too-busy schedule and this really crappy weather, I've decided to blow off the gym today. It's an hour out of my day I can use somewhere else, and frankly, I just don't feel up to it. I figure I'm owed. But I'll likely go tomorrow. No appointments to muck up my day. Just a to do list with 41 things on it. Oi.

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