December 12th, 2006

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Various and sundry

Another busy day. Let's see, what did I accomplish...

--- We finally got the tree up, decorated, and most of the rest of the decorations done.

--- I got the room ready for pepperlandgirl4 to arrive tomorrow so that she's not sleeping on all my folded laundry.

--- I've written 3000 more words on my vampire 3some novel to break 20k.

--- Grocery shopping, though I have to go again tomorrow to get diet coke for pepperlandgirl4

--- Got my practice time on Delilah. I'm missing having an hour a day to do it.

And various sundry little things.

On the plus side, I had my weigh-in this morning, and with a 2 pound loss for this past week, I've lost 20 pounds in 11 weeks. I'm quite pleased with that result. Oh! And I tried a new recipe at lunch today for a spicy black bean soup that is absolutely scrumptious and so so easy. Plus, it's free on the core plan with WW as well as satisfies my Mexican cravings at a fraction of the calorie cost. I've discovered my new lunch, I think. If anybody wants it, I'll be happy to post the recipe.

My Christmas gift from Craig arrived today. I got a new laptop. Considering I've had mine for most of the past 5 years, I've spilled coke on the keyboard, dropped it numerous times, and have scraped the paint off both the m and n keys, it was time for a new one. He's got it mostly all done installing and whatnot, but he screwed up in the ordering and forgot to get the integrated wireless card. So he ordered that today and I'll start using my new machine as soon as it arrives.
eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Art request

Well, I've gone and done something probably not the smartest thing I've ever done. But this has been niggling at me for months now, and I finally just caved.

As much as I might complain about how much work it is to sadbhyl and pepperlandgirl4, I love running LLGA. And I've really wanted to do something similiar for stories that weren't necessarily Spuffy, but I couldn't justify adding a category or two just for that. There are a few award sites out there already that do that, but I think for me it would just confuse things for something that's already a handful to manage.

So I've gone ahead and decided to launch an LJ-based awards site for BtVS/AtS fanfic that's all encompassing. I'm keeping it narrow at this point with only 10 categories, and there's going to be caps on how many stories can get nominated in a single category, how many ships can get nominated, etc., in order to keep it fairer and easy to control (I think). But first, I need some talented individual to make a banner and buttons for me. I'm *way* open about this, but have zero graphics ability, so if there's someone out there who would be interested in helping me out, just comment to this post. If more than one person wants to make one, I can always rotate banners after the 1st round, too. I just can't do it myself.