November 28th, 2006

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First of all, before I do anything else, HUGE thank yous to hico for being an amazingly generous individual and one of the nicest men I've ever had the honor to call my friend. Your gift arrived yesterday, hon, and I just have to tell you, I scared my son with how loudly I squealed, lol. *big squishy hugs*

Craig's working from home today so that we can go over all the gifts we've bought for the kids that are stored up in the attic. We have 2 birthdays and Christmas in the next 2 1/2 months, and I lose track of everything that goes up there, so now is the time to sit down and figure out if we're set for the gifts or not. Alex's birthday is in 2 weeks, so I have to be prepared because this season is going to be crazy enough as it is.

Did I mention pepperlandgirl4 is coming out in 2 weeks, too? She's spending a week here so that we can make the changes we need to on our book (you know, the one that's going into proper print in bookstores and everything in fall 2007, squee!!!!), and it would be *so* much easier to do that sitting in the same room, in the same time zone. Personally, I think she's just using it as an excuse to go to Trader Joe's and get away from snow. ;) We've decided on a new title, "Chasing Silver," and we've opted for a new pseudonym for our collaborative works. In honor of the men who have supported us and believe in us and put up with all our craziness, all the work we write together is going to be published under the name "Jamie Craig." Of course, our new title seems to set a precedent for our titles. So far, the two we've sold are "Chasing Silver" and "Craving Kismet." I think I see a pattern emerging, lol.

I have 2 chapters done/betad on the new Spuffy fic. When I hit 4 done/betad, I'll start posting it. With the upcoming holidays, I have no idea how my writing time is going to be affected, and I'd like to be able to guarantee posting at least a *little* regularly, especially considering the numerous cliffhangers this one has. Even sadbhyl who has a general idea of at least the first third of the story, gave me a big EEP!!! at the end of chapter two, lol.

And Craig and I are slowly getting caught up on tv...

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