November 21st, 2006

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Remember me asking for good vibes the other day?!?

Well, whatever you guys did worked.

pepperlandgirl4 and I were just offered a contract from Juno Books, an imprint of Wildside Press, for the book we wrote together last spring!!!

We have to change the title (ours is too long), and publish it under a single name, but it's print, and it's slated for a fall 2007 release. We're holding off on mentioning that we have ideas for sequels (though we were just talking about them again last night, lol), but god, now my brain is churning with all the possibilities. How am I supposed to focus on anything today now?!?
eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4


Voting for the last challenge at joss_las has commenced. It's really weird, because it's me and pepperlandgirl4 against each other, and considering we just sold another book together...

Anyway, the challenge this time was to write a pairing we wouldn't normally do. Unsurprisingly, we wrote both Buffy/Angel. Do you understand why I've been complaining about this one since it was issued, lol? It was hard, hard, hard. But, if you don't mind reading two Buffy/Angel ficlets, head on over.
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You know, no matter where my headspace is or how much I fear sucking when I go in, my guitar lessons never fail to make me feel good. I went in today still unable to get these stupid bar chords to sound right, and Scott was his usual super-supportive self and convincing me that it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was.

Nothing really new in the lesson. He gave me two Christmas carols to learn 3 different ways, and we worked on those.

And now I have to go and try to get done some of the stuff I need before Thursday. I'll likely be scarce for awhile.