September 29th, 2006

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The state of me

Craig's working from home today. Alicia doesn't have school because of teacher inservices and today is Alex's day off from pre-k. I have a full house. Who wants to bet I get nothing done? :)

So a week into the change of life plan and things are going well. Sticking with the WW plan is far easier than I imagined, and I get gorgeous meals like the one we had last night. I made roasted ratatouille couscous and steamed fish, and the couscous was divine. There's enough left over for lunch today, too. Plus, in spite of being ridiculously easy to make, it makes me sound all fancy. :)

There's one unexpected side effect to the working out every night. I get on the elliptical with the lights off and the headphones on, and it really allows me to focus on what I'm listening to, instead of how my body is feeling. As a result, I'm *hearing* all these songs that I have on my ipod. And hearing words or phrases or stories told with songs has started a new breeding program for plot bunnies in my head, it would seem. It's rejuvenating me that way in ways I hadn't imagined.

Next chapter of Beg is almost done. But with the end looming, I've been thinking about my next fic. How indulgent would people find me if I wrote another AtS S5 fic that was Spuffy with heavy doses of Wes and Lindsey (in their own het relationships)? Because I'm jonesing for them in huge ways, and I figure this is a good way to satisfy all of us. :)

I'm loving practicing my guitar. The tip of my left index finger seems to be permanently numb, but I'm averaging about 45 minutes to an hour every day. I figured out where high C was so I've been messing about with sheet music in order to learn about placement of individual notes. It seems to be the easiest way for me to learn those outside of scales. Which I'm still doing. And I can mostly play my power chords without watching my right hand now, lol. I'm amused because the kids are enamored with watching me practice. Alex keeps asking me if I'm going to be a rock star. Maybe in the next lifetime. :)

ETA: Forgot to mention that the new round has started over Last Author Standing. I joined up, like the fool I am, and voting is now up for the first challenge. There are 7 drabbles/ficlets up this week, and the prompt was Obsessions. Feel free to head on over and take a peek, maybe vote if you feel so inclined. :)
eurydice james: pepperlandgirl4

Beg the Liquid Red - Chapter 25

First of all, thank you to the very kind soul who nominated Beg over at the new awards site, Spark and Burn! What a thrill to get the notice in my e-mail this morning. :)

Secondly, obviously I have nothing better to be doing on my Friday night than posting a new chapter. This one's all plot, with emphasis back in London with Angel. That doesn't mean Buffy and Spike aren't in it, though...

TITLE: Beg the Liquid Red
AUTHOR: Eurydice
RATING: NC17, but mostly R
SETTING: Begins at the beginning of "The Girl in Question" and then goes AU from there.
SUMMARY: A night out to try and forget Angel's meddling in her life leads Buffy down a different path than the one she had planned. Old faces are like new again, and what's new is most definitely old.
PAIRING(S): It is Buffy/Spike, but because of the canon start, there are hints of Buffy/The Immortal.
DISCLAIMER: We know they're Joss', right? Which really is a shame, because most of the time, we're so much nicer to them than he was.

The story begins here.

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